Motivational Program

Does your audience need some serious motivation?

Remember how you felt right after the very first time you saw the motion picture, Rocky (Or any of the FIVE or so subsequent sequels following???). The point is that you left that theatre (or your couch) feeling like you could conquer anything, right?

Producing that very same feeling, a motivational speech is an extremely persuasive speech in which the orator asks the audience to do something. Motivation implies an action, so at the end of the speech the audience should feel compelled in the most positive way to act on the speaker’s plan!
As a motivational and inspirational humorist, strategist/consultant/instructor and author, Joanne’s extensive experience as a high level producer and broker/owner of a successful international real estate firm, as well as her professional speaking background, combine for an electrifying and memorable attendee experience. Joanne’s opening and closing conference sessions, keynotes, retreats and workshops feature inspiring and memorable energy. Her deep insight gained from years of ‘in the trenches’ experience about personal accountability, values and success have her audiences laughing all the way to their new vision of what their own careers can look like!

Her strategic business insights and her brand of humor will not only motivate you and your event attendees, but will also enable everyone to learn and have fun!

No matter what your industry, Joanne’s intelligent and witty perspective on business, networking and life will leave your audience with huge smiles, fresh motivation and a renewed will to rock their world!

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