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Dear Joanne, I just wanted to say thank you for being such an interesting & vivacious instructor for the SRES class. Your presentation kept the class very alive and the time passed very quickly…. I hope I have the opportunity to take a class you instruct again. All the Best, Shelly L.


Good morning Joanne,
Our members were quite impressed with you and I found you extremely easy to work with. Hopefully we can bring you back for another day of classes in 2017! Happy Thanksgiving! Sandy


Joanne, a note of thanks for your recent participation, education and humor for GRI Exchange, and GRI 102 (all!) You are a busy person, and I value the time you provide to REALTORS and others. Best wishes and thank you.
—Patricia R.


Hi Joanne, I would like to thank you for the excellent training that you provided during the whole week Really appreciate your positive energy, humor, incredible experience that greatly illustrates your teachings, and but last but not least, your magnificent teaching skills. All the best,


Joanne, Thanks for a great week and being a great teacher! Thanks!


Good evening Joanne, Great class! Thank you: this is exactly the information I was looking for to help me start my career as a global REALTOR. Thank you very much.
—Joyce Bartels Daal


Joanne, I thoroughly enjoyed today’s ‘Global Real Estate Local Markets’ Course, & found it very enlightening, & well presented. Much appreciated, Looking forward to the next Class tomorrow,


Mrs. Chando,
I attended your GRI 201 this week. I left your class knowing so much more than when I walk in. One thing for sure is sticking with me. I had made the mistake of leaving behind my listing material with two customers. I was not sure what to do after the presentation , You helped me realize that I should have gathered everything together and walked out the door . Next time, I will do just that. Thank You for that guidance. Cassandra


Joanne, Thank you for making the last 2 days enjoyable as well as informative! I would appreciate a copy of the documents you mentioned in class!
Sincerely, John


Joanne, I have certainly enjoyed your class and your teaching knowledge and style.
I am sending this as a reminder to send me the many documents you were kind enough to quote in class.
Thanks in advance!! Very Respectfully, Randy

Dear Joanne, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming out to Stuart to teach the GRI 102 course. It was a great session and very helpful for my (our) business planning. I hope if you are ever this way we can meet again for lunch or coffee! I am grateful for your motivation! Many Thanks


Joanne, your humor, experience, knowledge and yes stories…priceless!
—Cindy M.


Joanne, I appreciate your enthusiasm while teaching our class!
—Brenda H.


Dear Joanne, I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed taking the GRI 102 course this week. You did a great job facilitating and keeping the course material interesting. Again, thank you for your time, patience, and making the subject interesting. Looking forward to attending your next GRI course!
—Santos R.


Joanne, thank you for making our two days together so interesting and enjoyable. It is a delight to pay for a course and actually have someone “teach” instead of read from a textbook. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us and inspiring us (me) to be the best Realtor we (I) can be! I know you are compensated for teaching these classes, but you aren’t compensated for your enthusiasm, you gave that to us free of charge. Thank you very much!!! I look forward to participating in more courses that you teach!
—Tara S.


Joanne, I would like to thank you for a very insightful and entertaining GRI class last week in Jacksonville. Your teaching style is excellent and your sense of humor is infectious. Thank you for a very useful educational experience.
—Maarten G.


Joanne, I wanted to thank you for two GREAT days of classes last week. First time in 13+ years in real estate that I can say that I truly enjoyed the classes and the instructor. You have a super personality and wouldn’t change a thing on how you teach. Look forward to working with you. Thanks for a great two days of class.
—Cindy A.


Good afternoon Joanne, I just wanted to share the news that I passed my real estate broker exam this morning in Fort Lauderdale. I am headed back to Fort Myers now with a big smile on my face!  It is a big step but it’ll be many years before I gain the experience that you have!  You are truly an inspiration!
—Dan A.


Hi Joanne, thank you again for a great educational experience during the last two days in GRI 201 in Bonita Springs.  Whatever my score turns out to be, I still learned some invaluable information!  I hope our paths cross again and look for ward to the next class, whatever that may be.
—Irene M.


Thank You Joanne, I appreciate you sharing your wealth of information!
—Julie C.


Dear Joanne, I have never enjoyed a taking a class in Real Estate as much as I enjoyed yours. Your sense of humor was a shining light. I am pleased I decided to do the course. Take care and I hope we cross paths again. Your agents are very lucky to have you as their Broker!
—Sylvia W.


Hi Joanne, I wanted you to know how much I truly enjoyed being a part of your GRI 102 class. Your command of the material, insights and humor made it a memorable experience – in a good way! I hope I’ll have the chance to see you again and attend another one of your classes – I really learned a lot!
—Jeff H.


Dearest Joanne, first off, thank you kindly for the most enjoyable real estate class I’ve ever taken. We were well-educated while having fun and actually retaining the information!
—Suzy M.


Hi Joanne, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and guidance the past couple of days in the GRI 102 class. I really enjoyed your teaching style and all of the advice and tips you shared with us. I really look forward to attending another one of your classes in the near future and hopefully we can do business some day! Thanks again!
—Raina W.


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